"The future is not some place we are going to, but an idea in our current awareness. It is something we create and that transforms us in the process." Stephen Grosz


Shaping Futures by Design
Make tomorrow tangible

Urgently wanted: Future. We need new ideas, paths and models. Now and everywhere, for everyone and everything. Whether in research and development, education and communication, production and sales, marketing and logistics – very often the Corona crisis has aggravated or simply exposed the known areas of concern.

In the quest for new confidence for companies and organizations, for each individual and for society as a whole, we need images of the future – attractive on the one hand, credibly feasible on the other. No visions, no utopias. It is about that which designers know how to do particularly well: anticipate future and make it tangible!

They operate at the interface between the individual and society, economy and environment. Their toolkit enables them to combine form and function and to develop strategies and systems just as well. Design adds and creates value.

Future needs designs, ideas, foresight and reflection. Good design drives sustainability. In interaction with many other disciplines, with research and science, design creates perspectives that are worth living.

And as the world continues to globalize, digitize and accelerate relentlessly, the social and economic demand for sustainable concepts and courses of action continues to grow. How we live tomorrow, how we learn, communicate, work – it's a matter of design.

In six thematic areas, MCBW presents what design can do, will do and is doing already to address these issues: Future of Cities, Future of Education, Future of Security, Future of Health, Future of Work, Future of Communication.


Our Topic Areas

The future of cities

Will the Smart City unite nature and technology?
Will sharing instead of owning generate new (play) space?
How can vertical mobility be designed?

The future of education

Do the eyes learn too?
How can design encourage a desire for knowledge?
Can education be fun too?
What will learning spaces look like in the future?
Why is Learning 4.0 imminent?

The future of security

What will border crossing look like tomorrow?
How do airport security checks work after Corona?
What role can design play in ensuring civil liberties?
How does culture work without a seat neighbor?

The future of work

How does corporate culture succeed when everyone works from home?
At what point does New Work become normal?
How do designers get involved in the workflow of companies?
How much co-working can Corona tolerate?

The future of health

Can a fitness app replace self care?
How can encounters in public spaces be designed?
How much information can graphics provide when things get complex?
How can we stop disabling people with disabilities?

The future of communication

How does technology change human interaction?
Or how does man change the interactive technology?
How can we identify fake news more easily?
How much value did the analog media regain during the crisis?