Troy Conrad Therrien

Curator Guggenheim Museum, New York

Troy Conrad Therrien

Troy Conrad Therrien (b. 1981, Canadian and Métis) is the Curator of Architecture and Digital Initiatives at the Guggenheim Museum. He brings an animist approach to architecture, magic, deep history, and technology in a curatorial practice that blends traditional and experimental formats.

He organized the Guggenheim's first ever online exhibition, Åzone Futures Market, co-organized Architecture Effects (2018-2019) in Bilbao, and organized Countryside, The Future with Rem Koolhaas/AMO (2020-2021).

Therrien is also an adjunct professor of architecture at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, where he co-founded the Architecture Online Lab, and a visiting tutor at the Architectural Association.


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