Michael Wiethaus

Grafikdesigner, Illustrator & Dozent an der IFOG Akademie Michael Wiethaus Grafik Design & Illustration

Michael Wiethaus

Michael „Mixen“ Wiethaus (36), from electronics technician for Munich‘s S-Bahn to illustrator, designer, former curator and academic. His work reflects his personality - none of it is just a job - and combines local complexion with design and art. His heart beats for football, skateboarding and all kinds of subculture. Who wants to get to know him, should not only pay a visit to the Container Collective, where he shares his office with friend and photographer Conny Mirbach, but also check out the Soo Hot Right Now Skateshop where he still works behind the desk and does its art direction.

Mixen is a freelance graphic gesigner and illustrator, lecturer at IFOG Akademie Munich and Art-Director at SHRN (SooHotRightNow). He lives and works in Munich.


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