Lena Wenz

Kommu(h)nikationsdesignerin, Grafikerin, Illustratorin & Dozentin

Lena Wenz

Lena Wenz is a trained photographer and studied Kommu(h)nikationsdesignerin. Today, she earns her living as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and as a lecturer at HAW-Landshut.

In her graphic and illustrative work, she is particularly interested in projects related to her native region - she comes from the Fichtelgebirge and now lives in the nearby university town Bayreuth. In addition to rural design, it's cowtime is her heart project in which the illustrator devotes herself entirely to cattle.

Due to her love of cows, the Silicon Vilstal team reached out to her in 2019, when they had the special theme "MUH" at their Festival. So it happened that Lena created the MUH design and also the visual for the Festival "Zukunft Daheim" ("Future at Home").


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