Giulia Damiani

Systemic designer, Facilitator Comuniterràe project

Giulia Damiani

She graduated at the Polytechnic of Turin with a thesis about slow tourism in the Ticino Valley MAB UNESCO, with which she still collaborates. Her interests focus on sustainable development, holistic approach, co-design.

In 2015 she worked in Lisbon at Cortiço&Netos store on the conversion of ceramic waste into new products. In 2017-18 she was part of the Hygiene First team, collaborating with the NGO IOP to spread hygiene awareness in a Tanzanian primary school.
She worked as graphic designer at Energy Center and at the Department of Energy of Polytechnic. In 2019 she won the Premio Barcellona residence and she worked on urban and participatory regeneration for the development of farmers’ markets. Since October 2020 she is ecomuseal facilitator for the Comuniterràe project.


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