nomad Magazine POP UP installation: digital controls analogue

Friday, 12/03 00:00 - 24:00

nomad Magazine POP UP installation: digital controls analogue

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KOTON Munich
Barer Str. 38, 80333 München

For the first time in 2021, there will be a digital analogue location for the nomad Magazine – the world-renowned Magazine for New Design Culture, Business Affairs & Contemporary Lifestyle.

In an interactive installation, the artists Alexander Löwenstein and Sebastian Scheck attempt to translate the interfaces between analogue and digital, between haptics and virtuality, between proximity and distance: one magazine, two QR codes, four hair dryers and endless variations of browsing through the pages.
The page-turning control happens virtually by means of two QR codes, which activate four hairdryers in the shop window and make it possible to turn the pages live. Doing so, the visitor experiences the act of browsing through the pages of the magazine in a completely new way.

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    Trade fair & Exihibition design

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KOTON Munich, Barer Str. 38, 80333 München

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