Exhibition and architecture at the new Zukunftsmuseum

Monday, 08/03 16:00 - 17:00

Exhibition and architecture at the new Zukunftsmuseum

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Visions of future living conditions captivate us like hardly any other topic. But how do you bring future to a museum? See how the new Nuremberg Zukunftsmuseum tackles this challenge.

In 2021, the Deutsches Museum opens its doors in Nuremberg - and here is where the future will be on display! The permanent exhibition featuring five topic areas starts in the personal environment with "Work & Life" and "Body & Mind", expands its radius to "Urban Life" and "System Earth", and culminates in humanity's everlasting dream of traveling through "Space & Time". The exhibition will be complemented by labs, a virtual arena and related programs - all skillfully staged to attract maximum attention. The materials used, technology, settings and playful elements make the future come alive.

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    Trade fair & Exihibition design

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