Lower Bavarian region of Landshut is regional partner

MUNICH CREATIVE BUSINESS WEEK (MCBW) regularly engages in partnerships with a particular Bavarian region. Alongside its main location in Munich, a special focus is placed on the partner region. In 2021, the Landshut region will once again appear as regional partner of MCBW.

Together with the local project partners, the sponsors of the two-year regional partnership - the county of Lower Bavaria, the district of Landshut, the city of Landshut, the Silicon Vilstal Initiative and the Niederbayern Forum - will be focusing once again on the region's rich potential.

The Landshut region, situated in Lower Bavaria's western part, is one of the most appealing locations in Germany. Purchasing power, population growth, quality of life, job and training opportunities: In virtually any comparative studies and "rankings" that have been conducted in recent years, the city and district of Landshut occupy top positions among the approximately 400 districts and district-free cities in Germany. The region is located in the very heart of Old Bavaria - and centrally in Europe. And the local residents have always known how to use the opportunities presented by its geography with a spirit of resolve and sustainability.

Numerous creative incentives from the region will be introduced to a broader public as part of the MCBW regional partnership. Agencies, companies, designers, architects and creative minds from the Landshut area will participate as program partners by contributing their own projects.

Dr. Olaf Heinrich, President of the Lower Bavarian District Council, is also quite confident: "With our participation, we hope to contribute to promoting the region's wide-ranging economic and creative accomplishments not only in Lower Bavaria, but also beyond district boundaries". Alexander Putz, Lord Mayor of Landshut, adds: "Landshut already has a rich creative economy, and we intend to put a brighter spotlight on that". For County Commissioner Peter Dreier, "the networking of local enterprises with the design scene and the digital community" is particularly important.

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