We are happening!

We are happening!

6-14 March 2021

Get inspired by the versatile program! Enjoy design in all its facets!

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MCBW 2021: Impressions and Highlights

Ten years of Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) – what an anniversary year! bayern design, Bavaria’s center for design competence, has been organizing the design week and offering a platform for encounters, events, and discussions about design every March since 2012. After undergoing a transformative process due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MCBW this year included predominantly...

Smart Cities - Highlights of MCBW

The Futures of Cities

According to studies by the United Nations, about 70 percent of the world's population will live in metropolitan areas in 2050. It will be crowded, noisy, stuffy, aggressive, unaffordable, lonely. The challenges are enormous. But more and more designers are taking them on, developing innovative solutions with people and the environment in mind.

The Future of Education

How well are our educational programs actually prepared for tomorrow's society? And how can design competence be profitably used to make our education system fit for the future? What makes up the design education of tomorrow?

Design and responsibility for health

The Future of Healthcare

Our need for safety is deeply connected to our wish for good health, and good health is at the base of everything that makes life worth living. Having experienced a pandemic, more than ever we long to assume responsibility for our health. In many cases design becomes both the solution and the great hope.

New Work Environments

The Future of Work

The Government of Bavaria’s declaration of a state of emergency in mid-March 2020 has had a substantial impact on work culture as we knew it: Those who can, are working from home. Lo and behold, collaboration, coordination, and conferencing across spaces and time zones are working much better than expected.

24/7 Availability

The Future of Communication

Die Kommunikation von morgen wird immer schneller, effizienter, technologischer. Unsere Aufmerksamkeitsspanne nimmt ab, digitale Demenz und Informationsüberflutung werden zu ungewollten Themen unserer Gesellschaft. Gleichzeitig eröffnet sich ein ungeheures Potenzial an Services und Diensten, die den Alltag erleichtern und Beziehungen sowie Arbeitsprozesse digital ermöglichen –...


Key-Visual 2021

How will we want to live tomorrow? When it comes to answering this question, designers in all disciplines play important roles. A future worth living can be created in environments where mindset and design are attentive and sustainable. This is one of the reasons why Shaping futures by Design is the slogan of MCBW 2021.   

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